At our practice, we are committed to providing clear, compassionate explanations to help demystify treatments and procedures. Root canal therapy, often simply referred to as a root canal, is a standard dental procedure that many people find mysterious. Here we will explore what a root canal involves, why it might be necessary, and how it can relieve pain and save your natural teeth.

Root canal therapy involves removing the damaged area of the tooth, known as the pulp. The pulp, which contains nerves and blood vessels, can become infected from tooth decay or repeated procedures. After removing the infected pulp, we carefully clean and disinfect the inner tooth. Then, the tooth is filled and sealed with a material called gutta-percha. Then we fill in the tooth to protect it from further harm while reinforcing the remaining natural enamel.

A root canal is often necessary to alleviate severe tooth pain caused by pulp infection or inflammation. By choosing a root canal, you are opting to preserve your natural tooth, which benefits your oral health in the long run. It also helps maintain your ability to chew and the natural appearance of your smile.

We understand that the thought of a root canal can be intimidating. That is why our team uses the latest techniques and technology to ensure that your experience is as comfortable as possible. We provide detailed explanations and walk you through every step of the process, ensuring you feel informed and at ease.

Our practice prioritizes your comfort and dental health, and we are here to support you throughout your treatment journey. Root canal therapy can significantly improve your oral health and quality of life by relieving pain and saving your tooth. We are committed to restoring your smile and ensuring you can return to your everyday activities with confidence and comfort.

If you have any questions about root canal therapy in Reno, Nevada, or wish to discuss your symptoms and potential treatment options with Dr. Keith Duane McGruder, please contact Value Dental of Reno at 775-446-7623. Our dentist and team are here to help you achieve and maintain optimal dental health.